Gelöscht (2013)
Gelöscht (2013)
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The government in the town that a young girl named Kyla lives in has a procedure called slating. Slating is when you get your memory erased. You can only get your memory erased if you have done something terrible, like being a terrorist. Once you are slated you get a levo which controls your bad actions. You also get put with a new family. She starts of at a new school and starts to learn new things about everyone, the hospital and her history. Through the story she faces many challenges but she knows she can't give up and she knows she has to do the right thing. The theme of this Novel is to keep trying to do the right thing. This is the theme because when she got in fights or something bad happened she knew if she gave up she wouldn't be able to make it because of her levo. Even if she didn't have a levo it would still be important to keep trying to do the right thing so she wouldn't hurt herself or the people around her. People would like this book if they like adventures. Well-written futuristic story of teenagers who have rebelled against the British government get their memories erased and are "reborn" into a new identity that is no longer threatening and given new families. Kyla's procedure seems not to have worked in the way it was supposed to. Fragments of memory keep sliding back in confusing her as she tries to navigate her way through a new family, school and friends as well as relearning the most basic tasks.
It is the first time that I did not like the male main character. And I love her Mum ♥
Another great YA book!!!
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