Gently Falls The Bakula (2000)
Gently Falls the Bakula (2000)
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0143103776 (ISBN13: 9780143103776)
Penguin Books, Limited (UK)
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Wow..What a book!!! I just fell in love with this book at the time when I read the sample. A message to the people who lead their lives mechanically. What is more important a successful career or a successful marriage? This line drag me to read this book. A balanced life is always important and I understood marriage is not where people stay together and Marriage is such a bond where their hearts are together. Lovely SudhaMurthy, she is excellent in narration. Her narration is just Fab!!! Needless to praise book, since if it is written by Sudha Murthy, It has to be good, This is my third book of her. I must say, she is the women of ground, who observe everything so keenly and depict it in her writing. I was affectionate by Shrimati character in novel. How well she manged everything.... How she sacrifice everything just for the sake of her husband bliss, Just like bhimati.... But it is true that money is not everything... you can accumulate all material comfort and happiness but you can't buy love.Hats off to sudha murthy... Who touched two sensitive issue of our orthodox society, At the end i was numb and tears rolled out from my eyes.But praising this book is similar to saw a diya to sun.
it's a good book, a simple story which simply states the important needs in life.
Story is very simple and heart touching.
Simple and neatly written.
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