Girl Underwater (2000)
Girl Underwater (2000)
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0525954937 (ISBN13: 9780525954934)
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This was such a different book to what I normally read. I went into it thinking that it would be a romance book with the plane crash as the background. This was so far from what this story became. It was a story of survival with romance as a very distant background.The story is told in Avery's point of view. It flips between current and what happened in the accident. The aftermath shows the extent of her PTSD and how she struggles to come to terms with what happened. The slow burn romance with Colin is beautiful. One of my favourite things.Highly recommended More like 2 1/2 stars, if I was being really harsh. Started off with great potential, but I really think the romance sub plot really dragged it down and I found it unnecessarily confusing. Lost it's momentum for me by the end, could have wrapped things up earlier. Loved all the survival parts of it, and that's what got me hooked to keep reading it at the start, but unfortunately wasn't impressed by the ending.
Wow! Could not put this book down. It is compelling, captivating, and a gripping survival story.
A swimmer on a university team is one of 5 survivors of a plane crash on a Rocky Mountain lake.
Beautiful, awesome, touching...made me cry, and smile thru tears. Highly recommended
Kept me on my toes for three nights straight in a row. Need I say more?
I love when a book ends exactly how you want it to!
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