Give It All (2000)
Give It All (2000)
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045147127X (ISBN13: 9780451471277)
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The first Desert Digs book didn't work for me at all, the plot tangling up and clogging. GIVE IT ALL, however, is a treat you won't want to miss. The mystery elements in this book all center around Duncan, providing a catalyst for this singular man's transformation. Oh, Duncan. Not a virgin, but something quite close. Capable, smart, and oh so vulnerable and tender under the surface. I would not have expected him and Raina to come together without explosions, but ultimately their coping mechanisms aligned enough to offer each other then empathy and insight necessary to be kind to each other. A sweet, sweet romance circled by smoking hot sexual chemistry. Give It All, Desert Dogs #2, by Cara McKennaGrade: C-I loved the first book in this series and was dying to get my hands on Duncan and Rania’s story but sadly I am very disappointed with what I got. Give It All starts off very, very slow and takes over half of the book for anything big to really start happening. Duncan and Rania’s relationship isn’t as slow but it definitely progress much slower than I anticipated given their chemistry in the previous book. Sadly, by the time things got moving I had already checked out and just wanted it to find out how things would end. Two things happened in this book that I did not expect. First, I ended up loving Rania so much. She is a super strong woman who goes after what she wants and it was great to see her open up to Duncan and show that she does have feelings. The second thing is that I ended up disliking Duncan a lot. I was so excited for him but he could be such a jerk and he just didn’t make sense to me. If it hadn’t been for Rania, Duncan would have made me unable to finish the book. This is going to be my last experience with the Desert Dogs. This book was way too slow for me and I just can’t imagine picking up the next one. Very sad to say that but it’s an honest statement.
I didn't think this was as good as the first one
Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars
I LOVED this!
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