God's Battalions: The Case For The Crusades (2009)
God's Battalions: The Case for the Crusades (2009)
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Stark offers keen insight and understanding to the Medieval Crusades and the events which led to them taking place. He also exposes several myths of modern scholarship with regards to distorted interpretations of Islam's role - particularly with regards to Islamic instigation in the first place. He also exposes the Muslim's inferior culture and technology to compete with those who were part of "God's Battalions. This is a must read! The book is not telling us something new. It`s like a brief history of the Crusades and The Knights Templar with some personal opinions from the author. It`s trying to convince us that Тhe Knights Templar were really fighting for God(something which we already know)and to give an explanation why they slaughtered Muslims back then.The author is definitely writting from one point of view. The Crusaders` view, the Christians` view. The author`s opinion is in a way too biased. I mean, a true historian( I doubt that the author is one) uses facts and analyzes from every point of view without being jug-handled. It`s actually more a religious book that a historical one. The description of how things were back then, with the different religions coming across each other. Religion was the most powerful force; the things people do for their religion or let`s say in the name of their religion. I have to admit that there are many more better books on this topic out there. Anyway, it`s not a bad book.
Except for chapter 2, which was just plain wrong, this book was a good overview of the Crusades.
Got better as it went on.
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