Going Cowboy Crazy (2011)
Going Cowboy Crazy (2011)
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0446582786 (ISBN13: 9780446582780)
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This book is a hoot - I loved it!!!!! I laughed so much reading this book, I love the characters, they are so lovable and sweet. Don't get me wrong, this is a love story and deals with some very heartbreaking story lines as well, and some I shed a fair share of tears too. Faith is swept up in the small town and everyone thinks she is her long lost twin, Hope. The one person who they push her towards, the one person the town believes is Hope's long-suffering boyfriend, Slate, is the one who automatically knows she is not Hope and believes her. Unfortunately, he knows she is not Hope because Hope is his buddy, and he is ridiculously attracted to herWhat begins is a hot romance between Faith and Slate, a crazy town planning Slate and Hope's wedding and a whole lot of discovery for Faith on many, many frontsCan't wait for Hope's story, which begins where this one ends - love this town, love these characters!! YEEE HAWWWW!!! Giddy Up, Cowboy!!! Seriously, this book was SO SO SO much fun!!!! It was full of sex appeal, laughter, hilarious moments, tender moments, sexual moments and most of all, a sexy cowboy named Slate!!! I found this randomly on my Nook, it was literally $2.99, it was 12 midnight, and I said "Hey, why not". I'm so glad that I did!!! And the best part, is that it's a series!!! YEEE HAWWW!! LOLThis was a story about Faith who sets off to the small town of Bramble, Texas, after her mother passes away. She goes to this town, because she's looking for her identical twin sister, Hope, that she never knew she had. But, when she gets to Texas, the people in town ALL assume and think that Faith is really Hope, who has returned from her 5 year stint in Hollywood. Faith tries to tell them she's not Hope, but no one believes her....Well, except for Slate. And he figures it out, right after he & Faith have a passionate kiss in a bar, in front of the whole town. The moment Faith is out of his arms, he feels empty and he's determined to do whatever he can, to keep Faith in town-and his bed-as long as he can. Even if it means, trying to help Faith, find Hope.The people in town, have another motive...To get Slate and Hope-whose really Faith-to get married and become the town sweethearts, that they "think" they already are.Hope, on the other hand, is making her way back to town, with one thing on her mind: SLATE.
I really enjoyed this book. I'm ready to read the book on her twin sister "Hope".
Great read. One sexy cowboy and one crazy town make for a fun wild ride to love.
It was ok until the twin showed up. .. i couldn't keep reading it after that
a funny book about family, love and identical twins!
Very good writter enjoyed it very much.
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