Goodbye Quilt, The (2011)
Goodbye Quilt, The (2011)
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Sweet and a story appropriate to a woman facing an empty nest and what to do with her life after kids leave home. The story is of a road trip the Mom and her daughter make cross country to take the daughter to college. About the mother needing to let go and allow her daughter to make her own decisions, including ones about the boyfriend left behind. Then the mother needs to make decisions about who and what she will be/do once she returns home. She works on a quilt on the long drive and guess what she does when she arrives home?! Light, sweet, a bit too much analysis by the mother - I think I would have enjoyed it more if the characters had been more active. I just finished reading this book. A nice light read. It would be great for a getaway as the story is easy to follow. This book follows the journey of a mother and her daughter as they drive across the country to university. I found this book quite touching, perhaps because my daughter will be starting university in the fall and will most likely be leaving home. Well written, just enough emotion involved without being sappy. I liked it.
a must read of all Moms of children are graduating and starting their lives without their Mom.
Coming of age and letting go... Mother and daughter story.
good little story.
don't bother
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