Goodnight Already! (2014)
Goodnight Already! (2014)
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006228620X (ISBN13: 9780062286208)
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What a fun and delightful laugh out loud bedtime read for preschoolers. Parents will surely hear kids saying lets read this again as this will become a bedtime favorite for sure!Bear is on a mission to get some sleep. However, Duck, his wide awake and full of energy next door neighbor has other ideas. The back and forth conversations between these two characters is giggle worthy for kids and totally relatable for parents who dream of sleep with kids who are wide awake.The illustrations are fun and I love how color is used to set the mood. Bear is seen with peaceful blue and Duck is show with vibrant yellow.This book will certainly be asked for bedtime reading time and time again.I received this book from Goodreads First Reads My preschoolers and I loved this book. Bear has never been so tired. He “could sleep for weeks. Months, even!” But his neighbor, Duck, has “never been so awake” and he wants to play with Bear. So, Duck goes over to Bear’s house and bangs on the door. “Wanna play cards?” “No!” “Watch a movie?” “No!” “Talk all Night?” “No!” Duck finally leaves and Bear goes back to sleep, but who appears again at the window? Duck. “I want to make cookies. Can I borrow some sugar?” “No!” “Butter?” “No!” This continues until Duck finally gives up and falls asleep. But by now, poor Bear is so wide awake that he can’t go back to sleep. He decides to make cookies instead! What surprised me was that the children related stories of how this had happened to them: “My little brother woke me up so many times that I couldn’t go back to sleep.” “My cat made so much noise I couldn’t sleep.” Lots of fun and highly recommended. Charming drawings.
This book perfectly describes my relationship with my sister. Too funny.
Cute. Good story to initiate discussion about hibernation.
The story of my life as told by a duck and a bear :)
Great story and lots of fun to read.
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