Great By Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, And Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All (2011)
Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All (2011)
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Some books, when you start to read them , give you the feeling you are levitating, ... you feel excited, and your life from then on takes a slightly different direction, you have a new compass , more accurate, and certain phrases in the book stick in your mind and become part of your own inner vocabulary, and after you have recommended the book to the person who sees what you see, you develop a common vocabulary . That's how it was for me with The 20 Mile March , and Fire Bullets Then Cannonballs ... ideas that became part of my inner voice after I first bought and read this book the day it came out in Australia, October 2011.A really good book will very often lead you to other really interesting books and authors, logically, because the author has been places you will want to go, and with some passion. Thus it was with To the Ends of the World, and the comparison of Scott and Amundsen. I spent many engrossed hours reading further.And there was the question of luck, dealt with admirably in this book, for the context of what this book is about.If you read books like Everything is Obvious Once You Know, or Nassim Taleb's work on randomness, or even Johansson on the Click Moment, you might pooh pooh this sort of literature, and say much more success is plain luck than we care to realise. I agree. I think the question is taken up well in this book. I highly recommend it. Great by Choice continues the fine tradition of work and business excellence that is described in Built to Last and Good to Great. If you are a business owner that wants to understand what makes a business great, as well as learn how to implement those standards this book will provide further insights and ideas on what you can do to make your business great. The authors draw on excellent case studies to show what works and what doesn't work as well as explain why. I've already gotten a lot of great ideas from this book and would highly recommend it to any business owner who is serious about growing and sustaining their business.
Good book, but not as good as his other works, especially 'Good to Great'.
Well researched book on why some businesses succeed and some fail
Great book! Love the examples shared in this book.
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