Haker. Prawdziwa Historia Szefa Cybermafii (2011)
Haker. Prawdziwa historia szefa cybermafii (2011)
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Great book about one of the first leaders in the modern day computer crime scene. I really appreciated how the author used language understandable by the general population instead of diving into the nitty-gritty technical details. Despite the fact that Max Butler aka the hacker Iceman was actually the bad guy, I still wanted him to succeed. I marveled at Iceman's brilliant strategy in stealing valuable information while remaining anonymous to the FBI and cyber police detectives.Unfortunately the ending is rather sad as Iceman was caught and sentenced to 13 years in prison. If all goes well, he will be released on parole around Christmas 2018. I really enjoyed this book and learning a little more about hacking in recent history. Poulsen presents the story of a hacker that goes unmatched in skill for many years, breaking into whatever computer he wants. It is the story of a man who starts hacking for fun, then for profit. Overall, you don't feel like the main hacker, Max, is a "bad" guy, despite his numerous crimes. Yes, he stole millions of dollars, but you come away almost feeling sorry for him and wishing he got a lighter sentence. This is a very good read for anybody with an interest in computers, technology, or hacking.
Not too bad. Interesting and good insight into how a hacker thinks.
Great book on the cybercrime underground.
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