Half Moon Hill (2013)
Half Moon Hill (2013)
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0062024620 (ISBN13: 9780062024626)
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This may have been my favorite book of the series! Anna had a hard life and she's trying to find herself and reclaim the life she missed out on in Destiny. She has a new project she's diving into and preparing herself and her house for running an inn. I love the side story of Cathy, the woman who used to live in her house as well as what is happening in Anna's world. I didn't want this book to end, but all good things must. Great read! Anna Romo has decided to settle int the small town of Destiny to be close to her brothers and their wives. Buying an old farmhouse and working on turning it into a Bed and Breakfast, Anna stumbles across a cabin near her property. Inside she finds her brother's best friend, Duke Dawson.After an accident that left a friend dead, Duke needed some time to himself and has been staying at the cabin in the woods. He asks Anna not to mention his presence to anyone. Duke also offers to help Anna with the exterior on her new home. Working in close quarters, Anna and Duke soon give into their desires and become lovers. Anna quickly falls in love; but Duke believes he is not good enough for Anna and wants to keep their relationship "light and fun". Anna knows she must help Duke overcome his past and move on with his life withher.I wasn't a fan of Anna in the last book, but her character was much improved in this one. She is getting to know her family again and become part of the Destiny community. Duke is a tortured soul who is having a hard time overcoming survivor's guilt. These two are perfect for each other. I kept waiting for Duke to come out of his shell and get back to the guy we met in the previous books. This books has updates on many of the characters from the previous stories. This is a nice way that completes the Destiny series. My rating: 4 Stars.
Awesome read. Just loved it :)
loved it
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