Half Upon A Time (2010)
Half Upon a Time (2010)
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Good story, though the writing is disappointing for me. The characters keep moving, but we have little sense of where they are or WHO they are. Sarcasm is NOT character. Speaking of sarcasm -- the main character, May, gives away her sarcasm to a creature as payment, and I was hoping that she would now be more direct and sincere, something the book needs. But, no. Within a page, she starts being sarcastic again, though we're told it's not sarcasm, it's poking fun. Not fair!The book does fill a niche as a twisted fairy tale story written for a boy reader. Maybe the writing gets better as the series progresses. This is a Will book (I did not read it). I have been searching for books that are challenging, interesting but age-level appropriate. He can (and has) read several non-fiction books like Unbroken, No Easy Day, etc. and while they appeal to his interests, they are good to read (reading non-fiction texts and getting information from them is an important skill), my nine year old does not need to read those things. So I've been on the hunt for age appropriate books.This book is based on Jack (of beanstalk fame) and it's the first of a trilogy. Will really enjoyed this book and is eager to read the next two in the series. Recommend.
i really like it. It makes me want to keep on reading the seires
I enjoyed the mish mash of fairy tales with a twist.
YA appropriatecute; sarcasm that jr high will enjoy
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