Hardpressed (2014)
Hardpressed (2014)
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Meredith Wild LLC
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2nd book in the Hacker series. Blake and Erica are together at the start of this book but Erica quickly screws that up. I like the story line of the book but I how dumb Wild makes Erica. She wants to be closer to Daniel, her father she just learned about but because he is running for mayor he can't acknowledge her as his daughter. When she runs into him and Mark (her step brother who raped her) at a charity ball, Mark tries to pursue her which sends her into panic mode. A few days later, Mark is dead of an apparent suicide. Erica doesn't know how to feel about it but she feels bad for Daniel. When she meets with Daniel, he reveals his real self. He admits to killing Mark, supposedly for her, and says she must drop Blake or he will kill him too and then she must come work for him. When she says no, he slaps her and tells her he is serious about killing Blake. So instead of talking with Blake, fixer of all problems, she dumps him and tries to stay away from him. Easier said than done. Jealousy ensues as Blake tries to win her back and Daniel keeps the pressure on enter James who works for Erica whom she feels an attraction. He pursues her and she wants to accept him, but she can't forget Blake. At the end, she gets back with Blake and meets Daniel, in secret without telling anyone HELLO STUPID!!!, and supposedly he turns from violent crazy man to accepting dad and lets her go and promises to leave Blake alone. Throughout the story is the hackers still trying to kill Erica's website which she finds out is being run by the brother of Blake's partner. Also the new director Erica hired to run the website is in league with Max (Blake's enemy) to create a website to compete with Erica's taking all her advertisers with her. Sadly, this book is just a 3 star from me!!! I am loving Blake but feeling quite let down by the other characters. The odd plot with her father and stepbrother etc and how her "problem" with her father was so apparently easily resolved?! found myself skimming pages because I just couldn't be bothered to read. However, I have been assured that book 3 is a winner to have now started that! If it's not a winner, I give up!!!
Dude this series is getting crazy asf. Can't wait what happens in the third book!
Book 2 was better than the first.
ny heart sunk a thousand times
omg! keeps getting better!!!!
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