Harry, A History: The True Story Of A Boy Wizard, His Fans, And Life Inside The Harry Potter Phenomenon (2008)
Harry, a History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon (2008)
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I've read my fair share of books about Harry Potter in an attempt to get my fix now that no more books are being released, but most of them have just told the same story of how JK got published and how HP for popular which gets boring fast. I started reading this on a lazy Sunday morning and had it half-finished by the end of the day. The way Melissa Anelli tells the story is so interesting and personal, and I LOVELOVELOVE that it focuses heavily on the fans and the fanbase. Highly recommended for any HP fan :) This book is FANTASTIC. It shows the rise of the Harry Potter fandom through the eyes of one of (what I think of as) the Potterhead Pantheon. Melissa Anelli's book catalogues the origins of Harry Potter, its growth and the development of the offshoot projects that fans created. She makes use of many interviews, some of which were conducted through the Leaky Cauldron, and news reports to provide flavor to what could have been a very boring book. The only minor Quibble (pun intended) I have with the book is that Anelli leaps around a bit chronologically: from the pre-Deathly Hallows mania of 2007 to her introduction to Harry Potter in 2001, to trips with Harry and the Potters in 2003, and so forth. But it's a very small quibble.I will be buying this book. Keep it up!
Great book documenting the birth of a classic and a fandom that will live on FOREVER!!
I liked this book because of all the information on all of the magical creatures.
A nice walk down memory lane for a very specific niche of history.
Not the greatest, definite bias, but a good trip down memory lane
Bok om internett-fansidene til Harry Potter? Hm...
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