Haunting Blackie (2014)
Haunting Blackie (2014)
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Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
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I like the new direction the overall plot of the series is going.The introduction of the canine units were a smart idea to do a mini reboot on the series. I also liked the extra action in this book.SPOILER ALERT!!!Besides the heroine and her sister (who will probably be the heroine of the next book), I bet those 5 canine unit baby girls also survived the genocide and are all grown up now (and ready to hook up with cyborgs, of course). I finally finished listening to this yesterday while cleaning the house. So.... this one was kind of a letdown. I was really looking forward to Blackie's character getting a sweet emotionally fulfilling romance and this was... ok. But come on, this whole "I met you 50 years ago and you're the love of my life" was sort of unbelievable. Or at least I would have liked to have seen a period of time where they got to know one another again, had some sort of a slow-burn build-up even if there was a lot of sexual tension. Maybe its me - I just really don't care for stories where they meet, have some sort of sexual encounter, are separated for a long time, then meet up again and its all sunshine and rainbows and daisies and orgasms ra-ra instant happily-ever-after.The whole adding in a species-ish element? Kindof strange, and unnecessary, and not sure if I like it... *shifty eyes*Also I kinda just didn't like the heroine that much. Does anyone else sometimes have this problem where you feel like the heroines are just not deserving of some of your favorite heroes? Maybe it's just me. I also just want to mention that my edition was an audio book, and I have issues with those, even with a fantabulous narrator, 'cause I am a crazy fast reader and it makes me a little nuts when they don't go fast enough, haha. So maybe that's part of it, but looking at other reviews it seems like some others had similar feelings about the whole situation.I'll still buy all her books though. Just sayin'.
This one is a hit as well...i cant wait for the next in the series
3.5 stars
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