Ha'ven's Song (2013)
Ha'ven's Song (2013)
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Another good, steady read from S.E. Smith. I've read a couple of the Dragon series books and this book is related to those characters and that world the author created. There is a huge cast of characters that come from other books and it's best to read them in order. I did not, but I wasn't too lost as I had a little background info that was brought back to mind.Quick Rundown: Traumatized Earth Chick is not doing well. She's withdrawn into herself and is close to shutting down after the events from previous months. Dude (Curizan Warrior Prince) comes upon her during a celebration and knows that she's his soulmate. Shit happens, etc.Characterization: This was pretty good. I missed a lot of backstory on these two characters having not read previous novels in related series but they were interesting. As the book progresses, there is a loss of characters feelings and emotions and more of a focus on the action and that was disappointing. Secondary characters are many and from previous novels.Worldbuilding: Again, this was done more in previous novels but there was a big lack of physical environment descriptions. I felt like this was also put aside to focus on action scenes.Plot/Writing: Plot is nothing new and a continuation of the issues from past novels. The action scenes were heavy and were good but there was still that lack of descriptors. You find out things later than the reader should have so there's a displacement. Hard to explain. I wish the author had an assistant who could fill in the gaps as this writer is prolific and spins a good yarn. I just wish it was more complete. I probably won't read any more from this series unless I get bored enough to go back to the beginning and read all the way through, proper. Sex scenes are decent. Ending was fine- thorough enough to satisfy me.Overall: I'm sure a good addition to the series but quite a bit light on the details. I recommend if you're invested in the world already. I jumped into the deep end by picking this book by S.E. Smith to read first. It quickly became evident that I was getting a condensed version of the characters history. I plan to go back and read all the character's books, they made a great impression. Ha'ven and Emma share a bond, but Emma is fading away to nothing after surviving a brutal attack. If Ha'ven has any chance of claiming his mate, then he has to find a way to bring her back to life again.
This was my favorite so far. Ha'ven and Emma were wonderful together. I can't wait for the next one!
This was a great story! It had all my emotions involved!
So... much... cheese.
Another great read!
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