Haz Que Funcione :una Hoja De Ruta Hacia El éxito A Través De La Eficacia Y De La Organización Personal (2003)
Haz que funcione :una hoja de ruta hacia el éxito a través de la eficacia y de la organización personal (2003)
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8492414553 (ISBN13: 9788492414550)
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This book went beyond the productivity and organizational system introduced in GTD, and focused on the higher levels of life management. It covered many of the things that I had big question marks around at the end of GTD--what about responsibilities, long term goals? How do I make sure I'm keeping track of the things that matter, and not getting mired in the day-to-day tasks?While it addressed these questions, the tone of the book was both more self-helpey than GTD, and less refined. The "horizons of focus" seemed much more hand-wavey and arbitrary than the GTD system. Even after referring to the material repeatedly, I've had trouble figuring out how to apply the horizons of focus to my life.It seems like a good attempt at addressing important and challenging questions, but ultimately I felt that it fell short.Read:* February 27, 2011 - March 5, 2011* April 13, 2014 - No reason to read this if you've read Getting Things Done; there's nothing new. The concepts of GTD are re-explained, but I like the action-driving workshop style of the original Getting Things Done book way better. Plus at least the first 50 pages are just David Allen tooting his own horn, blathering about how great GTD is. I skimmed most of the book. I would definitely recommend reading Getting Things Done, but skip this one.
Nothing groundbreaking about this book, but nice guidelines for how to apply GTD
The fact is there isn't much new in here if you're a practitioner of GTD.
I need to re-read this one to digest it all.
A nice compliment to Getting Things Done.
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