He Saved Me (2000)
He Saved Me (2000)
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Spoilers ahead... Warning you now. Ok, I really enjoyed the first one He Found Me and I was so excited to read this one. Questions were being answered and Andra was really starting to allow herself to remember her mother. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about her childhood and her mom. But then everything just sort of felt rushed. It went from totally intense to Epilogue and I felt cheated. I wanted more details. Do Andra & Julian return to Colorado? What's the relationship with Six and Andra going to be now? What happens to Mira and Six? Why introduce Julian's dad when not even a conversation took place between them? Too many things left opened ended for my liking. I did enjoy Julian's and Andra's relationship and connection and the North Star & Anchor thing was very sweet and made me feel more connected to them. I am sort of dumbfounded that Ms. Barbetti didn't want to give more to her readers. I wanted a little more closure. I would say this is a 3.5 book for me. He Saved Me is definitely a sequel to He Found Me and should not be read separately. So much so that perhaps they should be released together. I loved the story continuation but as a sequel, I was expecting more details with certain characters. More of a wrap up with new characters brought into the fold would have been ideal. Nevertheless this was a one day read for me because I loved getting more details with Andra and Julian.
I feel as if this book isn’t finished. I think an epilogue would have been nice.
Excellent end to the story. I loved this book. You rock, Whit! So glad I know you.
I was really enjoying the story but it just seemed to end too abruptly.
WHAT!? After a build up like that I need another epilogue !!!
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