Heart Of The Billionaire ~ Sam (2013)
Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam (2013)
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1939962307 (ISBN13: 9781939962300)
J. S. Scott Publishing
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Oh im really really obsessed with these books!!!! Aaaawwwww Sam and Maddie's story made me believe in second chances and in true love that lasts forever!!!! Oh the heartbreak that lies in both there pasts was so sad but the way they found each other again and made each other whole was so so beautiful!! Oh and the Obsession what these Hudson brothers have for there woman is so so hot!!!! This is totally a must read!!!!! After the short book in part 1 I wasn't overly thrilled to be reading further. Like I said, I don't like to start something I can't finish. I didn't have that great feel for the book, but I think its because theres too many similar stories floating around now. Again, I am rating this book 3.5/4*. The story flows well and you can see the relationship bloom between Kara and Simon, I just can't help but think I am reading a similar story to 50 shades. I am not a big fan of short stories and I never paid any attention to that when I downloaded the first book. :-( I think the books would of been better if it was one large novel instead of stopping and starting. I have read the next book in the series and I will probably finish the last one tonight. I started the first one last night so that shows you how quickly you can get through this series. I wish the author all the best with this series of books.
It is a great book. I loved it. It was so good I do not want it to end.
This is one of my favorite Billionaire series.
It's getting even better! :)
I'm loving this series!!
Outstanding book!!
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