Heart Of The Warrior (2012)
Heart of the Warrior (2012)
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1937252175 (ISBN13: 9781937252175)
Phoenix Press
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This book I loved it! It was because of Sev and Ari that I continued reading "Rise of the Fallen" .... the first time I met them, I knew they will head to a heartache road. So many hurts and so many secrets and so many times of betrayals.Ari never knew he was gay but when he found out he was so scared telling people about himself. Especially to his parents (cos they would disown him) and to his best buddy Io (which he is an ass!) Sev had been hurt so many times. His father, his boyfriend who was killed. He didn't had anyone except his mother. And he too has a secret that he can't share with anyone. Both he and Ari have the same problem, no wonder they connect and fit like a puzzle.It was INCREDIBLE written that it deserves FULL 5 STARS! It was spicy hot that will make you want to read more. They were the hottest couple. Micah in this book was just unbelievable! He wasn't a jerk as his usual self but he was very compassionate which made me love the book even more. And we also see Trace side of story. And Lakota (Sev's father) he is a changed man. Came to Chicago to make amends with Sev's mother. But Feelee is a nice woman and that she forgave him of what he did to her many years ago.And the ending of the book was spectacular! Io and Miriam?! King's daughter?! Ohh I have wanted to meet the King I keep hearing about! And there was Malek and Gina ... guess someone found his mate :D! Cannot wait to read the next book! This is the second book I read by this author. Interesting premise for the world of vampires. I liked the book for the most part but one thing on this one that kind of dulled it for me was the repetition. I get the point about Ari's sexuality early and how he was fooling himself but the same thoughts seem to go through his or Sev's head more than once and I do mean the same. I would have liked to have seen more interaction with others than was here after they came out to the others. I'm hoping there will be more in the future as there were things left unresolved. I liked the first book a bit better but you can't give half a star so I had to rate it a 3 star as for me it wasn't quite up to a four. I feel that as this author continues to write that she will get better and this storyline is interesting enough that I will keep reading to see what happens.This is a m/m story so if it's not your thing then you probably won't like it as for the most part there is not much of the other characters in this one. It was still a good read.
I didn't care for the het pairing/het sex at all but skipping those parts made it all okay.
It's so freaking rare to read well done guy-on-guy romance, I love this <3
These just get better and better.
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