Heat Under Fire (2013)
Heat Under Fire (2013)
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1623804361 (ISBN13: 9781623804367)
Dreamspinner Press
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5****StarsAs the Review Chair for our Guild, I am the one who doles out books to my reviewers. When an Andrew Grey book is about to be released I receive many e- mails from the group all saying me, me like the birds in the Nemo movie saying Mine, Mine. Since I read them all for my own enjoyment, I thought today Mine, Mine.Andrew Grey’s quiet casual writing style is so wonderful, it takes no time to be immersed in the world he is writing about, whether it be cowboys, or lawyers or Fire fighters and Police officers. The Fire Series is a favorite of mine with two wonderful men Lee and Dirk, (who by the way we get to share a scene with them in this story) It was great spending even the short time with them and seeing they are ‘good’ Justin is a Police Officer, sweet and shy; having no other life than his career. He has a hard time meeting people, being like the guy in your office that stammers and does not make eye contact when he does speak….awkward. But when on the job and all business Justin is The Man, able, controlled and on top of things.Rock is an EMT in the same town, and when a school bus has been in an accident and is hanging over a highway ready to plunge with all children aboard, Captain America Justin , calms the children, climbs on the bus and gets the kids out safely putting his life in danger as Rock watches him from afar.Justin has no idea why he has such a problem talking to men he is interested in as he and Rock slowly investigate the attraction they feel for the other. This story is a beginning for a young man to find himself and the answers are not always pretty. You hold your breathe to see if Justin is strong enough to follow his heart and not break his and Rock’s along the way.The story is sensual, and loving and scary and breathe taking. We still have room for more from these men. This was a story about Justin, and although Rock seems to have it together, I think we need to hear more about him. So please Andrew Grey, what can we learn about Rock to make this relationship even more.I as always look forward to reading your stories….Keep them coming.Review by Gloria LakritzSr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team This touched a lot of my bottoms and may be my favorite of the series so far. My only issue was the sudden ending. I turned the page and it was done. I can only assume (and hope) that Rock and Justin's story continues in the next book.Justin's mother and sister's (with the exception of Sarah) were horrendous. Without Redemption! They can apologize until the cows come home and I would still never forgive them. I was sooooo glad that Justin stood up to all of them. Good for him.Rock was just simply perfect. In every way! He was the epitome of the ideal boyfriend. Now, I need to know what his story is about. Where is his family and why hasn't anyone said they loved him in a long time? Those and more I need the answer to.
Not my favourite of the series but it was still enjoyable. I would have liked it to be longer.
Loved this book!!
3.5 rounded up
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