Hell For Leather (2014)
Hell for Leather (2014)
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1402294484 (ISBN13: 9781402294488)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
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This was dang good, Delilah Fairchild bar owner still has nightmares and flashbacks to the day her bar got shot up and her good friend old man Buzzard lost his life. She lives day to day as best as she can until the man that raised her from a tender young age her uncle Theo mysteriously disappears as well ans his old Marine buddy. Delilah needs her that the police cant give her so she goes to her bar and see what BKI soldiers are there, when he finds two her hope are brighten up a bit even through one of the two is the man she wants in all ways. Mac and Dagan where getting drunk as skunks at the biker bar drinking away there feelings until a fiery red head Delilah got them out of their drunkenness in order for them to help her. These two will be at odds most of their story and Mac will fight this thing he feels for her until the last chapter or until his brother in arms Dagan gets Delilah to put Mac in his place or else loos him. BUT wait poor old ex CIA Dagan has meet his match in a CIA deck jockey Chelsea that he hasnt seen or spoken to in over 6 long years, I really cant wait for his or Ozzy's stories to be out or even the mysterious Christian. This series gets better and better. There is a big surprise to Ali and Ghost fans, it shocked me but it is great for those two after all they went through in their story. Cute, highly improbable story with terrorists in Illinois, and old missing US nukes and a super-seekrit off-the-books spy agency-- and I know this is #6 in the series, but it's my first encounter with the bunch of G-man bikers. I loved the story voice, very snarky and sarcastic--the only way to take this wild and crazy story. I did get a little tired of the over-emphasis on sex and the attraction between the hero and heroine, but then, that's the kind of story this is. (Chapter long love scenes are kind of much for me, at least sometimes) I'm pretty sure I won't go out of my way to look for more of this series, but if I stumble across one at the library (this was a library book) I'll probably read it.
Omg this was amazingly well done. I love the boys, and Mac was really Bo different(:
What is this 1 night or day stuff . Maybe i shouldn't have all the books in a row.
Loved it, a great continuation to the series.
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