Hell On Wheels (2014)
Hell on Wheels (2014)
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Riptide Publishing
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When I read the description of the book I knew that I was going to like it, and I did. It's just that I was expecting it to do something for me, and it did not. Here's why.Nash is the reliable one in the family. The one everyone goes to keep things going. Having a genius of a twin brother, an inventor of a father and a wheel-chair bound sister, Nash does not feel special in the family.He took it upon himself to run the family's auto-repair business, while his brother is off at university and he looks after his sister, giving his father time to invent. His life seems to be already set for the foreseeable future, no matter how much that makes him feel unfulfilled.Spencer Kepler-Constantine is an actor on the show Wolf's Landing. He is in the middle of a very painful, very public divorce with his husband. He isn't in any position to start a relationship.Nash meets Spencer when he was out on his bike, trying to run free before he has to go back to the responsibilities he faces in his everyday life. Spencer had some car troubles and Nash offered to help him. Things get a little steamy in the car (fast, I know). They both don't want a relationship, but they do need a friend, especially a friend with benefits.As they get closer, so does the deadline for filming the show in Nash's home Town. Knowing that the show was coming to an end and that Spencer would be leaving soon, did not stop Nash from wishing for more. It hurts more since he got to look at his family in a new light. Now he ask himself if they need him as much as he thought? Or does he just need to feel needed?Spencer's ex came and put the final nail in the coffin when he shows up with a big, romantic gesture, claiming that he wants Spencer back. Would Spencer go back to his husband? Would Nash finally let go and live his own life? Find out the third installment of the Bluewater Bay Series, Hell on Wheels.Z.A. Maxfeild wrote a book that promised me something and did not deliver, and that was a good cry. I just knew by reading the description that there was going to be a part that made me cry buckets and when it came.............nothing.I geared myself up for a good cry and I got nothing, no tears. My eyes remained dry, and that was a complete bummer for me.Besides the lack of making me cry, the book was really good. I liked the relationship between Nash's family, but I do not get Spencer's entourage at all. I did not get much of a description on them, so they are still a mystery to me and their relationship to Spencer.The love scene was a problem for me as well, there was no heat. It was a cold copulation that did nothing for me, but it was enough for Nash and Spencer, I guess. The story was nice but more on the cool side of romance and nothing spectacular, except maybe, Spencer's ex-husband. HAPPY READING! I liked the story between Spencer and Nash. This was just shy of a four star read for me. Both men knew what they were looking for in a relationship however things changed for both relatively quickly. Nash runs his fathers repair shop but isn't your typical grease monkey. He is a sweet,caring man who happens to catch the eye of a Hollywood actor. Spencer is the actor that has caught Nash's eye. Since Spencer was once part of a golden couple the media isn't far behind chasing these two. I did like the dynamic between the two and thought they were well suited for each other. That being said they could have amped up the heat heat factor. I also liked the other characters in th ebook especially his father. He was such a sweetheart. I loved his storyline and that of his sister too
Reviewed for Queer Town Abbey3.75 stars…Full review on QTA
OMG, I lovvved these two! Want more.... MORE!
Beautifully written, sweet romance
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