Hell's Aquarium (2009)
Hell's Aquarium (2009)
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Reading this 4th entry in the ridiculous-but-entertaining "Meg" series is not hell...but it's not exactly heaven either. The actual plot is as dumb as it always is in this series, but anyone who says they read these books for the plot will probably also insist they watch porn for the acting. Whatever premise Alten concocts is there only to move as briskly as possible from one mayhem sequence to the next. Like a slasher movie, only with giant aquatic monsters as the killer(s) instead of a masked madman.But what really drags this book down like a scuba diver wearing concrete flippers is the author himself. Alten's overuse of present tense, exclamation points (!) and--dashes--is off-putting and turns what should be a rollicking good dose of extra-pulpy fiction into a bit of a chore to plow through, even though the pace is faster than an orca's kill-strike. It is testimony to the low-brow, guilty pleasure nature of this novel (and the "Meg" series in general) that it is still worthy of 3 stars despite the writing style that is more annoying than sawdust in your socks.So, yeah, the flaws are legion and this is easily the worst entry in the "Meg" series...and yet, it's still a somewhat fun, breezy read and delivers the gory goods. Suitable for the fans, but probably everyone else will want to avoid this like the carcicatures populating this book should be avoiding the giant prehistoric shark that continues to make them its bitch years after they should have learned their lessons. If the SyFy channel ever options Alten's books for movies or even a miniseries, I will happily watch. This book is gloriously goofy, with ancient marine predators like Megalodon and Dunkleosteous and Kronosaurs seeming to come back from the dead (even though they've been alive the whole time, living near the Phillipine Sea Plate) and battle each other for control of the seas.The central character here is David, Jonas and Terry Taylor's 22 year old son, who has been asked by an Arabian prince to pilot a submersible into the deepest ocean realms to find prehistoric creatures for the world's largest aquarium being built in Dubai. Meanwhile, Angel has birthed Meg pups, who are killing the tourists and bringing the wrath of the animal activists to the Tanaka Institute, in a decent if badly executed subplot. These books are literary junk food, but they're a lot of fun to read. The characters aren't all that memorable, at least the human ones; the Megs will probably haunt your dreams.
Not as good as the other Meg books :-(
I enjoy this series of books.
Guilty Pleasure--Shark Book!
Fun, but pretty outlandish.
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