Hemingway Point (2000)
Hemingway Point (2000)
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I've been wavering with what I think about this book. Part of it is told from the now deceased Mamie's side and part from Jess's side as she begins to unravel the truths behind her family. You begin to get a true appreciation of what self-sacrifice really is as you peek into Mamie's story. This is why they were the "Greatest Generation."Even so, doing what seems to be right in order to "save face," can eventually lead into darker waters. You will feel the struggle Mamie feels as her story unfolds and you will not likely blame her much for choosing the path she did. I really enjoyed this book. It was eloquently written & had several twists I did not see coming. I loved reading from the different POV's & different time frames. I thought the ending was abrupt & there could have been another chapter before the epilogue. I wanted to read more about her life at the end but it did wrap everything up in a neat package. All that matters is that she finally realizes what is important in life. And she does.
I felt like this story was all over the place and I am still confused on the ending.
I really liked this book. It had mystery, romance, and a great family story.
This was a phenomenal story, but the poor editing was very distracting.
a lot of errors...slow start and hard to follow...entertaining though.
Good beach read....
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