Henny (2014)
Henny (2014)
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Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
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Henny is a different kind of chicken; she is born with hands instead of wings. (There is a great illustration comparing Henny to a typical chicken) The fact that Henny is different is hard on her - she has to make more decisions and has more issues to deal with than a chicken should...is she right handed or left handed? buttons or zippers? Until one day she learned that her arms were useful. A story about being different with a happy ending. A chicken with arms instead of wings can literally reach out and grab you, and that is exactly what Elizabeth Rose Stanton’s picture book Henny does. The charming hook, a chicken with arms, is enhanced with Stanton’s humor and lovable illustrations.Henny loves being different and hates being different. She worries about gloves or mittens, tennis elbow and deodorant. Henny is cute and silly, but her universal struggle to both fit in and accept her individuality holds a depth of meaning that will tug at your heart. When Henny discovers the wonderful possibilities her arms provide, you will cheer.WritingAt fewer than 300 words, Stanton shows a mastery of the tight picture book technique. Henny grabs with you a charming hook, holds you with humor and offer readers a universally relatable theme. Stanton uses her illustrations to provide characterization and together with her text they add a wonderful lyrical cadence to the story. Stanton finishes her tale with the perfect aha full circle ending and in the process allows the reader to sigh in delight.
"Henny, a chick with arms, discovers the benefits of being different"-- Provided by publisher.
Adorable illustrations in this book about being different and embracing individuality.
Actually laughed out loud. Twice.
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