Her Secondhand Groom (2000)
Her Secondhand Groom (2000)
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I'm not going to say I didn't like this book, because i did, for the most part. But for some reason I like Rose Gordon's hero's a whole lot more than her heroines. I know her heroines are suppose to be strong and independent and we are suppose to cheer for them, but they often come across as too prideful, too arrogant, and unbendable. It often feels like the heros are the ones that have to give, bend and change much more than the heroines(though the heroes do make a good amount of mistakes, Gordon makes them really lovable and therefore the heroines (which I don't like as well) anger me). p.s. this is the second time reading this and I still felt the same This is the third book in the groom series and it was a wonderful read. I was laughing at Viscount Deakely at some pretty hefty mistakes he made. Sometimes I think that he thought things through but really didn't. I liked how Juliet can hold her own. I liked the banter between the two. Viscount Drakely's girls are fun kids and some of the things they say, will have you laughing out loud. I liked how Drakely had to over come some issues he had and once he learned to communicate things smoothed out. I did feel towards the middle of the book that the kids needed to be mentioned more. The book does have a sex after marriage. I am looking forward to the fourth and last book in the series. I do know that Ms. Gordan does have plans to write more. Thanks for another story. I feel that this book stands alone nicely.
3rd in the series - this is one of my favorites! I loved the relationship and how it unfolded.
Really liked it. Stay up all night reading couldn't put it down.
loved it...this I'd a wonderful series
another great book
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