Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (2014)
Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (2014)
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0670014710 (ISBN13: 9780670014712)
Viking Adult
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Pretty standard memoir fare. Some interesting thoughts and memories coming from pianist extraordinaire Herbie Hancock. You will learn what motivates the man to explore different genres of music, why he likes changing things up. You will also be given some behind the scenes interaction with fellow jazz greats, like Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter. Book moves at a good pace, and each chapter ends with a little teaser, to keep you pushing through. The last third or better of the book begins to feel like an infomercial for Buddhism. This is what drags the book from the great shelf. After Herbie embraces Buddhism, everything that happens good in Herbie's life is attributed to Buddhism and chanting. Win a Grammy, Buddhism. Finish a project in the nick of time, Buddhism. It becomes too much of a distraction and hurts the quality of the project. 3.5 An honest and revealing book that will appeal to many interests, genres and philosophies. Reminisce music you've loved, or as you're reading it, listen to the music from your collection or YouTube. It will make the book come alive. Authors who are open and honest about their lives, their ups and downs, make you admire the writer even more then before. It's a lesson of a life that you will learn so much. You'll learn how Herbie Hancock realized his possibilities, and you will discover your own possibilities as well.
Some great stories. I kind of wish he'd gotten a little deeper into the actual music.
I loved this book! I felt inspired just by reading it.
A good read for musicians and non-musicians alike.
Good Book, Great Musician
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