He's So Shy (2008)
He's So Shy (2008)
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The premise of this story was beyond amazing; don't get me wrong. This summary had me so intrigued that I just HAD to read it. I never see books like this so I was interested.I'm a stickler for perfect grammar and spelling. I'm sorry; every time I see a misspelled word, I have to cringe. I'm not that deluded that I don't realize that authors make mistakes, but this seemed completely deliberate. I think the word 'brunette' was spelled wrong a significant amount of times that it kind of began to turn me off. I applaud the author for her effort, but people really should run their work through the grammar check on Word before publishing.All in all, I would recommend it to someone who's really just bored. If you're a serious reader, don't even. It's kind of hard to stomach when you're pulled away from the events in the story by the horrid spelling. This was a pretty good book, I laughed a lot and found the characters very charming. There were some grammatical problems but nothing I could not get over. The secondary characters were great as well and I found myself being drawn into the friendships and relationships of the characters. The characters of the story were good natured and very naughty. There were many very sexy erotic sense there were well done and I look forward to seeing more stories like this one.
Stayed up all night to finish it. What a juicy, fun read!
I don't think he's shy at all. LOVED IT!
MxM, Read in 2011
Almost 4-stars!
Great read!
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