Hilda And The Troll (2010)
Hilda and the Troll (2010)
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1909263141 (ISBN13: 9781909263147)
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What an awesome delight these books are! This is the one that starts Luke Pearson's whole series of "Hilda" graphic novels. It's much shorter than the other books, but really sets the tone for the humor and brilliance that can be found in all of them, which become more and more epic. Here we are introduced to Hilda's world, her mom, a giant troll and "The Wood Man", a little wooden guy who wanders regularly into Hilda's house simply to warm himself by the fire. Great bedtime reading for me and the kids. What a cute, fun graphic novel! It takes almost no time to read, which is a shame, but the words are a bit complicated, so it's hard to say what age/reading level would like it best. I'm giving it to my tweens (9-12) rather than my kid book club (7-8) because of the lightly sophisticated plays on words and the use of the word "damn". Otherwise, it's a fantastic little story--I may have to order all of the others...
Still too short. But the art is pretty, and it asks us to look beyond what we think we know.
I don't usually read graphic novels but this one I really liked!!
This was really cute, but way too short.
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