Himmelsbrand (2013)
Himmelsbrand (2013)
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*** SPOILER ALERT ***The ending: I mean, really? That was so, so wrong. They love each other? Okay. I can respect that. But the fact that he had to become a prophet to be able to be with her? Not okay. At all. I'm not saying this just because I rather she be with Christian, but because I liked Tuck just the way he was and I don't like the idea of super changing a character just so he can be with the MC. And worse, Christian just started avoiding them? I don't think Chris would do that. First because he was Clara's BF and second because he is not this kind of guy. In conclusion: Loved the book. Hated the ending. I quite enjoyed this series. I like the character growth. It had that element of noble sacrifice which I generally refer to as "noble idiocy" because it's usually overly dramatic and solves nothing and serves no purpose. This time, however, it makes sense. There were real obstacles that couldn't be overcome. I also liked the overall character developments. They made sense with their arcs and within the world they lived. Is the series a little fluffy? Maybe a little, but there is nothing wrong with that. A little feel-good, everything is going to be ok vibe is nice sometimes. Not that nothing bad happens or that EVERYTHING turns out perfectly, but just that the overall theme is that "yeah, sometimes shitty things happens and you don't get everything you want when you want it, but that doesn't mean life isn't worth living or you can't be happy." Good series I'd recommend to anyone who loves coming-of-age tales with romance and divine fantasy.
Amazing! This is the last in the trilogy, not the happiest ending but it kept me engaged!
LOVED this series best love triangle I've read in a long time.
Great way to end the series, loved it!
So bittersweet.
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