His Grandfather's Watch (2012)
His Grandfather's Watch (2012)
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A cute sweet story with a touch of sadness mixed in. A 2 in 1 story. Callum is on a little quest to find out more about his grandfather and why his watch was so important. On his quest he has to stop into a antiquities shop where he meets Alex. Together they uncover the truth of the watch and the story behind the inscription. Billy and Hale story was a tad heart wrenching and I wish things could have been different for them. The ending really almost had me in tears and was quite romantic. Alex's parents and brother were really a hoot and I was glad they were there for the comical relief. I can honestly say I really liked the main story. It's very sweet and romantic and beautiful. The second story about Hale and Billy..I couldn't read it. I already knew how it was going to end and simply didn't have the heart to do it. It's so painful and sad. I really couldn't. I really can't help feeling sick everytime a story ends badly and I just..couldn't. It does seem very sweet and innocent but knowing they never got to be together...it breaks my heart.
Such a sweet story, I cried at the end. But I was still happy.
Sweet and touching
Excellent short!
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