His True Home (Gay Romance) (2000)
His True Home (Gay Romance) (2000)
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While this is a sweet little story, with lots of love and family, it didn't quite gel together for me.Little Teddy is adorable, and for him alone this gets three stars.Cory is sweet and seeing him together with Teddy was the most enjoyable part to this story.The romance between Cory and Alec is where this fell down for me. I just never really liked Alec that much. The writing style was also just a little to simple for me. There is nothing to really get your teeth into and I fully admit I skimmed most parts that didn't have Teddy in them.And enjoyable read but too long with not enough detail to keep it sustained. This is a romance. It’s totally and completely and thoroughly a romance. And to my utter surprise I enjoyed every bit of it.While Alec is really not the kind of guy I usually take pleasure in, he does feel like someone who makes sense as a person, someone who might just be real. And it’s not that he is unlikeable… just fairly self absorbed and arrogant about it. So his back-and-forth and his insistence on pursuing Cory (and then not) irritated me for a while – but I could also understand why he does it. More so with every page, in fact, until things finally and in relative quiet come together without anyone having changed his personality.Cory, too, is more than just a shy, deferential kid. I enjoy that this book delves into the why and how of who these people are and of their actions and reactions. And this does not feel clumsy. I don’t think it is intended to be subtle (it isn’t) but I find nothing about it that feels like messy writing or overstating of things.I really should not be this surprised. Still, this book’s definitely a lot better than the other one by this author that I’ve read thus far (and that one wasn’t bad to begin with). So although she again does stick pretty tightly to her formula of building a family around a kid, the end result turns into a character driven story instead of something formulaic or tired.It’s still fluff, but thought went into it and the characterization is rock-solid and real.And I did not get bored, despite the low-key action.What an amazing find!
Cory Bledsoe + Alec BenchleyMore like 3,5 but it was so sweet it deserves the 4 stars
Started skimming, got about 1/2 way and gave up. Life is too short.
An incredibly sweet love story. Thorough enjoyed it.
3.5 stars
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