Hissy Fitz (2000)
Hissy Fitz (2000)
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Synopsis- Hissy Fitz is definitely the master of his house. So how come Georgie, the young girl he lives with, can’t seem to tell when he wants to sleep, and talks and pets him nonstop! And the grown male in the house bangs on wood at the worst possible moments – when all Hissy wants to do is sleep and be left alone. And, Zeb, the littlest, is always yelling at and chasing Hissy – well, really anytime, but especially when Hissy wants to sleep! When will this grouchy cat ever get a chance to take a cat-nap in the house of the noisy Fitz family?What I Thought- This was a cute and funny book. Hissy is the ultimate grumpy cat, not stopping for a second to slice at, growl at, and HISS at the annoying 2 legged creatures that live with him. The story is funny, and brings out the very cat-like personality in Hissy. Hissy is a lazy, fat, grumpy, silver-blue cat. There are some funny illustrations scattered throughout the book. They add humor to the story. This is an excellent choice for young advanced readers who are just becoming independent. Mr. Jennings has written a very well-done story that I enjoyed reading.*NOTE* I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Yes, this is me, owner of four cats, the one that people send cat videos to and birthday cards with cats on them, giving a book about a cat a bad rating. The book is Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennings. Sorry, Hissy Fitz, I'm just not a fan. You're just too much of a nasty cat. Hissy lives with a family of five - Mom, Dad, 8-year old Georgie who dotes over Hissy (even when Hissy is not so nice to her), and twin boys, Zeb and Abe. Hissy's problem is that he is sleep deprived. Living in a house with 5 humans can be awfully noisy, and with all this noise, Hissy can't sleep. Now Hissy, yes, I can understand your need to run away from Zeb, the hyperactive 3 year old who would probably do you bodily harm if he ever catches you, but really, did you have to be so nasty to Georgie just because she wants to talk. Most cats love to cuddle with their owners and listen to their ramblings, purring contently as their fur is stroked. Why you even resent sweet, quiet Abe, who softly wishes you a "good night and sweet dreams" from his bunny puppet, Medium Sad Guy, and then himself? You're just a cat who needs a major attitude adjustment. And don't get me started about the way you treated your friends - Igloo, Quiche, and Sid? Shame. Although, I'd like to see the illustrations to this book (I have an ARC that I've been reading from that didn't have most of the illustrations), I really don't see myself buying this book for my classroom unless I can get it for pretty cheap. Even the Grumpy Cat books haven't been a big hit with my kids, so I'm not sure if it would be appealing or not. If you are of a mind to get this, it's meant for about 2nd -4th grade. I just think there's a whole lot better cat books out there to enjoy. Let me know if you need recommendations!
This grumpy cat has reasons aplenty for hissing and growling. A strange read.
First reads winnerMy son absolutely loved reading this
Cute story from the perspective of Hissy, the cat.
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