Ho Sposato Un Miliardario (2013)
Ho sposato un miliardario (2013)
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I don’t think that I am a fan of the Billionaire Romance. There is something about this level of wish fulfillment that falls a little flat for me. Mostly because it is being written by people who have never experienced that level of crazy and so it is on the outside looking in, and it just feels false to me. There is a lot of suspension of realism that comes with fiction. And if you couple that with amazing writing and great story telling I can buy just about anything. But this story, it was mediocre at best. The writing was passable, but more functional than anything. I have read romances with traditional publishers of this quality, so it’s not bad per say, but it’s not amazing either. More and more, I know I want amazing, not passable and functional. And the sex in this series, was flat. He filled me and moved within me, and I felt to complete, and then I screamed his name. There was zero anticipation, zero having the reader in the moment too. They play at BDSM, but it’s all so closed off. Like he ties me up. How? And besides it makes me feel taken care of, what is your physical response to it?Ugh and the breathing. I breathed into it and it changed the experience. He told me to breath, and that changed everything. How. Nothing you are writing has my panties in knots. Not at all. So overall, I mean it’s passable. It’s not horrible. But it also isn’t amazing. And I’m at that point in my life that I want amazing all the time with my reading. I also really loathed the clichés of language that where used. NEVER EVER EVER in a romance novel should going down be referred to as getting to work. Seriously. That does not entice me what so ever. There where also our week moments in the writing where they fell upon clichés, and all I could think was if they where a better writer they would have caught that and pushed themselves to rework it. There where also plot things in the last book that left me going what? What? Really, this is what you want to do with this? Throws hands in the air. I'm just copy and pasting the same review for all three books in this series, because I kind of want the goodreads stats for it, but I can't be bothered to write how I feel individually about all of them. This was a quick read for me before I went to bed one night - I received it free from ibooks.IF I had paid for it, I would have been upset. But seeing as how I snapped it up for free? It was ok.There were several things that I didn't understand and/or were weird and unexplained. Included, but not limited to: Why do Maddy and her parents hate each other? Why does Daniel have a favorite childhood restaurant if he lived in another country? WTF is up with the Judy part of the story - THAT came from completely left field without any hint.I'm really into the working-girl marries gazillionaire plot when it comes to romances. I'm not sure why I enjoy it so much (maybe I hope for my future?) so for that, I DID enjoy the book. That is, I enjoyed it while looking past all the flaws.
I enjoyed this read. Yes it had a couple of flaws but the overall story was sweet and entertaining.
too predictable. still ok read.
Loved it
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