Holding Out (Hawks Motorcycle Club Series) (2013)
Holding Out (Hawks Motorcycle Club Series) (2013)
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If a Biker showed up at my house and wanted to claim me, I wouldn't fight him. I understand she is running from a past and who better to run to then a sexy biker man??? Ok Ok Ok Enough of my fantasy LOLZara Is running with her daughter from her ex while trying to avoid the sexy biker next door who keeps trying to get her attention, She believes she is average and he is looking for a super model type so there is no point in even looking his way! When she is contacted by her ex she realizes she needs her biker neighbor more then she realized and he might need her just as bad!! Would love to read more from this Author!! OMG. I LOVED this book. So much that I just went and brought the hole series.Lila Rose had me from Chapter 1. This book has some seriously funny and adorable characters. Specially the way Zara and her BFF Deanna talk to eat other. The names they call eat other had me laughing so hard and having to repeat them to my husband who also cracked up laughing, even though he wasn't reading the book.Then comes Julian. The funniest proud gay man you will come across. He is truly entertaining all on his own. Loved that guy.But the book is also full of the hottest and kindest bikers that just have you thinking YUM.The story line is also captivating. I found i was up reading to all hours and read the book in one day because i had so much trouble putting it down. Loved it and very much recommend it.
This book is so very funny and romantic. it's definitely a must read for mc fans
Great story. Had me laughing out loud all crazy looking. Lila Rose rocks!!!
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