Holding Strong (2000)
Holding Strong (2000)
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0373779615 (ISBN13: 9780373779611)
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This book was pre-ordered. It delivered to my kindle at midnight and I finished it this morning in one sitting! I have already pre-ordered the next novel in the series and can hardly wait for it's release! Once again Lori Foster has pulled us into her MMA world which is inhabited by strong, honorable, alpha males and strong, intelligent and feisty women. Denver is sexy, smart, HOT and sweet.. a great book boyfriend. Cherry is determined to stand on her own and doesn't see herself clearly. All of the characters are well developed and their relationships seem to grow with each novel in the series. i would have liked his pro fight to happen before the one we were all waiting for. i would have liked for his dispatching of the bad guys to be a little "more"; after all, i came to really really hate the bad guys. these are books about macho fighters, so i don't mind buying into that. i always like LF's characters. "real" people have lots of "warts". i found the story (mostly) hard to put down. honestly, could anyone expect people who do this for a living to be just regular guys??? not! like cops, they're not like "regular" people. these careers are very outside the norm and i don't have a problem with that. just would have liked to see a little more mayhem done to Carver! on the other hand, i wouldn't mind having a female main character be more like me or my friends, a more "mainstream" kinda gal. i got a real kick out of LF using every word she could think of for a guy's "stuff". by the time she got to "pole", i was laughing!
Another good entry in this series. looking forward to the next in August. :)
Another great MMA book. I can't wait to read the next one.
Great series! I love big alpha males!!
DNF @ 55% - maybe I'll try again later
Loving this series!
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