Hollywood & Vine (2000)
Hollywood & Vine (2000)
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Review by Jen SkewesHollywood and Vine is Olivia Evans debut novel and I really enjoyed this one. I was a little skeptical at first because I have a tendency to read reviews and saw that the main character was a bit of an asshole. And honestly an asshole hero who has no redeeming qualities is not something that appeals to me. But after meeting Anders Ellis I came to find out that I was completely wrong. Yes he had asshole tendencies but not in the way that I expected at all. I honestly fell for him. Did he make some decisions that was poor? Yes Did he at times did he act like an ass? Absolutely!! But if you look past it all you will end up loving him. Anders is an actor and a pretty big one. He was burned in his past by someone that he trusted and since then he has one rule when it comes to woman. No repeats. He is never with the same woman twice. But that all changes when he meets Josie. Josie has admired Anders from afar. She knows his type, knows that he is a complete asshole but she was determined to have a one night stand with him. But when she finds herself working on the set of his new movie she comes to find that he doesn’t even remember her. If she didn’t hate him already well she sure does not. Josie wants nothing to do with him. Which basically gives Anders more reason to want her. Most women throw themselves at his feet, begging for a second time with him. But not Josie. She has become a challenge for him and one that he is willing to break his rules form. He will stop at nothing to have her just one more time. Anders will not give up. He wants her and will do everything he can to get her. Josie at some point gives in and thus starts their secret relationship. Anders is afraid to be out in the open with Josie for more reasons than one. He lives his life in the public eye and while it seems to be to protect her he also has his own personal reasons. They both have trust issues, which is a major issue in their relationship. Josie has to learn to trust Anders but that is easier said than done. Especially when the media is involved. Josie enjoys being with Anders but dating someone in secret whose life is on display for the world to see is not easy. Without trust how can it even work?I loved Anders, I really did. He made some poor decisions when it came to his career and his relationship. Decisions that he thought were best for his career but not realizing at the same time could ruin his relationship. He tried to be open with Josie but at times failed to be completely honest. But when I went into this book I expected him to be something completely different than he was. I think his feelings for Josie scared him and he honestly did not know how to handle them. He was trying to juggle his career, and his feelings that he swore he would never have for a woman again. Josie did something to him that he could not understand. As the reader you could totally see how he felt about Josie. Even if at times he fought with himself over his feelings for her. He tried so hard to deny it. You could see how different she was and how she made him feel. But there were times when you needed to smack him on the head and ask what the hell was he thinking? But I love seeing it from his POV and the struggles that he had within, which quite frankly is what made him look like the ass that he at times was. But no matter what he always stayed true to himself which is what I loved. He never became someone that he wasn't. And I think it’s exactly why him and Josie were perfect for each other. She knew who he was going in and he never pretend to be someone that he was not. Josie was a great heroine all though at times she frustrated me as well. She was a bit sarcastic and did not take shit from anyone, especially Anders. She had a hard time trusting Anders which I completely understand because truthfully if it was me I probably would have had a hard time with trust as well given Anders reputation. Their relationship was not all lovey dovey or hearts and roses. They bickered and fought and pushed each other’s buttons but deep down you could see that they were falling for each other. You felt the connection between them. There was one person who was out to get them and would do anything to ruin what they had. Dating someone who is famous runs the risk of your past coming out. And when it does, it all comes crashing down in a way that I did not see coming. And as a result of what happened it caused my heart to hurt for the two of them. You know the moment when you get that feeling in your stomach and pray that it will all work out. It was those moments where my heart started betting faster and I wasn't sure what would happen next. I needed to know what happened, what was the truth and what was being twisted. I loved this book. It had drama and suspense and two characters that I really loved. I felt all the feels with this one. Josie’s best friend who also happened to be dating her brother was a great addition to the cast. I think my only issues with this book was that it was a bit long, maybe too long perhaps. But I am also a sucker for an epilogue and this one was lacking one. Overall I think Olivia Evans did a wonderful job with this story and look forward to reading more from her. I have to admit, I was in TOTAL SHOCK when I found out that this was Olivia Evan's first book. For a first time author, this is a great start and I am sure that she is on board for many other great reads! I was drawn to Josie and Anders from the first page and even though this was a long book, it was one that I had a hard time putting down. I had 2 very long days after working all day and staying up late reading. From the start, you can tell that Anders is totally into himself. He is the ultimate in man-whores and I don't think that there is a vagina that this man would not partake in. In comes Josie. She worked on the set with his for months and he never even knew that she was there. At the cast party, she needs to know what all the hype is about. Is Anders really all that great??Fast forward a few months and once again Anders and Josie are on the same set. This time, he does not even remember her or what they did together. However, Anders is obsessed with Josie. He doesn't know why, but there is something about this woman that just makes his blood run. There is pretty much anything to get her to go on a date with him. The thing is, she feel like a fool that he can't even remember one of the best nights of her life- for a sexual standpoint that is.I love Anders- yes he is an ass, but at the same time you can't help but want to love him As you get to know him, you get why he is the way that he is and at the end you are rooting for him, and not Josie who you think that you are going to a the beginning of the book. You will also fall in love with Maddie the best friend sidekick/assistant and Holden (Josie's brother). They are fun and add a lot to the book.Yes, the sex is hot in here,but nothing that will keep you looking in between your fingers the whole time. I would have loved to give it 5 huge heart felt stars,but it was a bit long and I felt like at times it was a little too long and drawn out. However, I did LOVE it and will defiantly keep this new author on my radar!!
It was good. Review to come soon.
3.5 stars
Loved it.
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