Home Repair (2009)
Home Repair (2009)
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006173456X (ISBN13: 9780061734564)
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I picked it up because I lived in Binghamton,Ny and got my master's there and the author was one of the professors there. Some of my friends took her classes. I liked the Binghamton touches, though I would like to look at a map since my Binghamton geography is a bit fussy. It's compelling enough. The group of characters seem flawed in a realistic way and has some uplifting moments without being too schmaltzy. Read it for a book group. Some people were very divided on it. I try to change up what I read sometimes. I get stuck in the paranormal and romance category a lot. When I read I love to escape into the book. Divorce, sickness and abuse are all things people either hear about or deal with day to day. So I tend to shy away from them, opting for happier books. This book was good for the most part. I didn't feel myself eating up the words on the page like some books make me do. Liz Rosenberg had a decent story going for about 90% of it...The very last part I felt like everything was rushed. All these story lines were wrapped up with minimal explanations. I found myself turning the page and thinking, did my Nook skip a few pages like it was some sort of glitch...
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a quick, enjoyable read.
Very depressing at the start but a nice ending. Not super well written.
Very beautifully written. Quick read .Like her kids' books too.
Fine book. Strongly recommend.
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