Home To Seaview Key (2014)
Home to Seaview Key (2014)
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0778315894 (ISBN13: 9780778315896)
Harlequin MIRA
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As I was reading this book "Home to Seaview Key" I became totally a part of the community, the lives of people and when closing the backcover... sorry to leave it. It is a wonderful book, pick it up and read it. I wonder what is next to unfold in their lives or who will arrive next to this community ! Real life events, coping, happiness and making things happen in this wonderful on the island of everyday folks. I loved this storyline & very excellent romance move.... yup very romanticCan see why Debbie Macomber is one of her fans.... which is why I picked one of one of Sherryl Woods' books up ... I noticed Debbie Macomber's note on the bottom right of the cover on one Sherryl's bookcovers. & picked up a few more of her books since then. This was a heart warming story about two people trying to find out who they are and where they belong. Abby had left the island just as soon as she got out of school. Abby started her own restaurant and felt she had just started her life. Then she married a preacher who did not let her be herself but someone he needed for his life and his Church. As hard as it was, she divorced him, sold her restaurant and went back to Seaview Key to find herself. Seth had been in the military and had fallen in love with Cara who was killed by a suicide bomber. He felt he could never give his heart to anyone else again because the pain was just too hard until he met Abby. It is a wonderful story of how they met, became friends, and then fell in love even though they both had baggage that would be hard to overcome.
This story seemed to drag on and on, but I persevered through it. The ending was predictable, too.
A nice relaxing book to read about someone coming home to start a new life.
Quick, predictable storyline. Good summer beach read.
Enjoyed it.
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