Hoofd In De Wolken (2012)
Hoofd in de wolken (2012)
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Head in the Clouds is one of those books that will leave you uplifted and inspired. Everything about this book was great. The characters and the plot were well rounded and thought out. I also felt that it was paced very well. No part felt to short or too long. The thing I loved most about it, though, was how well Witemeyer glorified God in every aspect. In some inspirational romance I've read God is mentioned, but He doesn't feel integral to the plot or characters lives. This book, however, featured the power of prayer and value of faith. None of the events would have even happened if not for God directing both Addie and Gideon's actions. In a time where I felt my faith lacking, this was a perfect book. I feel refreshed and reminded of God's eternal care for us because of it. I definitely recommend this book. This was a sit-back-and-enjoy sort of book with a satisfying ending. I'm pretty sure I'd have enjoyed it even more if I could have had a hard copy instead of a library ebook...but it was fun anyway. It's hard to believe I've read nearly all of Karen Witemeyer's books in just a few weeks. One of my favorite scenes was right after the hero was wounded...I'm sure I'll reread that last third of the book when I get the chance! And I really loved the heroine's love of yellow dresses. It seemed so much a definition of who she was as a person.
Yes! Finally a romance I enjoyed and couldn't stop reading. I want to read more of this author!
a character that is easy to connect to
fun and sweet but not memorable
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