Hot Ride (2012)
Hot Ride (2012)
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1619211238 (ISBN13: 9781619211230)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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4 Stars!This was an in-depth Romantic Suspense with quite a detailed and tight mystery-suspense plot.Sera is a newbie federal agent, and she volunteers herself to go undercover for the DEA with a Motorcycle Club called the Death Angels, her assigment will be to get info about the source of a new street drug "angel sugar" which is all the rage because it causes mild weight loss. There are other undercover officers in the MC already who have been there for a while but she doesn't know who they are. The Death Angels have also been suspected of gun-running and murder.She gets a preliminary "OK" so she decides to walk into their clubhouse and make a buy. While there, she acts like a loose wild child and is attracted to a long haired MC dude named Tommy.There is hot sex, high erotic tension, guns, lies, etc., and a near death experience!The writing was not as smooth as it could have been, it has improved in the more recent books I've read by this author.Enjoyed this alot! Ryan Thomas "Tommy" is a cop working undercover, trying to get intel on the DA's a motorcycle gang he has been working on for months. He's got a problem however in that he needs a female agent to help him maintain his cover as the gang's women are all over him and the guys are getting suspicious as to why he inst taking them up on their offer and this could get him killed as not just the groupies are making the offers but some of the club's old ladies too.Enter Sera....she's smart, knows how to take care of herself, a cop herself which just two small problems. She's not got much field experience and Ryan can't take his eyes off her, or her body! Reluctantly he agrees to take her onto his team, determined to keep everything above board but is this something they can both achieve....This book is seriously hot and filled with drama, tension and romance. As the couple get further undercover it's not only hard for them to remove themselves from reality and what should be their job, friendship and feelings are getting in the way between the couple and the gang and of course the sexual tension between Sera and Ryan is palpable and ready to explode! Sera is keeping a secret however which could unravel the whole operation if the gang find out about it..Loved this book, I couldn't put it down.
Long book but the ending felt rushed. I still had so many unanswered questions.
A sweet, hot read.Liked it, didn't love it.
Meh! Booooring! Next!
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