How Lamar's Bad Prank Won A Bubba-Sized Trophy (2011)
How Lamar's Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy (2011)
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0061992720 (ISBN13: 9780061992728)
Balzer + Bray
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Lamar is a really likeable character. He has an older brother X who is a basketball superstar, but Lamar isn't jealous because he is the King of Strikers. He loves bowling and he's good at it. Lamar makes some really bad choices. I mean the kind of choices that you want to read with your eyes half closed so you don't really have to see the terrible choices he's making! He redeems himself in the end, but he learns that no matter how sorry he is, he can't really undo what he's done.I liked that this book had an African American main character but it didn't deal with violence or racism (not that there is anything wrong with those books). It was a story about a normal kid living in the present, trying to figure out life. Lamar loves to bowl, but his father only cares about his brother, who is a star basketball player. Things are tough in the household because Lamar's mother passed away when he was younger, and his father is having work cuts that limit the family's money. When the Billy Jenks, who is constantly in trouble, offers Lamar a chance to make a lot of money by playing with him in games people bet on, Lamar thinks he has something good going, until he realizes that his bowling idol, Bubba Sanders, would not approve.Strengths: Fun language, snappy scenes, bowling, and an African American main character in the Heartland. I debated whether a picture of Lamar would be good-- could not decide. This cover is good. I also liked the realistic consequences and the supportive adults in this.Weaknesses: While Lamar's funny style of speaking is appealing, I got a little tired of some of his catch phrases. ("Crackers and cream cheese")
Not bad. Had a hard time liking the characters, but in the end it was okay. If a little saccharine.
Samson said that I REALLY needed to read this book. Funny kid. Cute book.
A pleasant surprise. A great recommendation for reluctant boys!
I got more into it the second half.
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