How To Pursue A Princess (2013)
How to Pursue a Princess (2013)
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I thoroughly enjoyed this historical romance by a new to me author. I was glad to find it's part of a series so I can read more on the three Scottish sisters. In this one, the middle sister Lily decides she must find a wealthy husband to take care of her family's debts. She falls in love with a man she believes to be poor and tries to fight it to continue her quest.Though the plot is hardly unique, KH did a great job of creating intersting characters that make this book stand out. My only annoyance was how much detail and emphasis she put on things that didn't further the story. One example is the litter of pugs owned by Lily's godmother. They added some comic relief to some scenes but were such a part of others it left me confused. I kept thinking there was a point to all the mention of the dogs, but in a few cases there wasn't.Overall, a sweet romance with a couple of steaemy sex scenes, a REALLY hot hero and a sensible(ish) heroine. Being the second book of the series, I was surprised to find that the Prince, Pietr, was so set on finding love and was the nonsensical sort. That being the case however, I was able to find myself enjoying his actions and truly felt the emotion he exerted coming off the pages. This book (although cheesy in a way) was actually enjoyable to the extent that the characters are fun and easy to relate to. Lily's persistence pertaining to marrying for money however got a little irksome, especially when she kept putting down poor Prince Pietr. Overall, I did enjoy the story and once again found myself in love with the incorporation of the Duchess's pugs.
Loved it so much. It is completely wonderful. Karen Hawkins is an exceptionally talented author
Une bonne suite, le 3ème tome prévoit quelque chose de très intéressant !
sweet but prolong too much
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