Hur Du Krossar En Drakes Hjärta (2013)
Hur du krossar en drakes hjärta (2013)
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The further I get into this series with the girls the more impressed I am with the author. As background, we've been working our way through the books via audio books in the car. We've listened to audiobooks since Maggie was a baby. These are the first audiobooks the girls have really paid attention to and I love how they ask to listen to Hiccup whenever we go for a drive. While the series really seemed like kids stories at first, it continues to build on past events and coincidences that turn out to be fate to build a deeper and more intriguing story as we go. I wish they'd left the witch and ghosts out, but it was still an incredible story.This book brings in some characters we've heard about in past books, such as Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Second & Grimbeard. It answers the question about Grimbeard's treasure and the fall of his kingdom. The story begins with the Hooligans helping Big-Bobby Bertha search for missing Camakazi. Which brings them into Ugthug territory, whose Chief accuses a Hooligan of writing love notes to his daughter. Apparently, a serious crime in Viking times hahaIf the person was not of royal blood, he was to be killed on the spot. If he was, he was to do an impossible task for Princess Tantrum's father.Realizing the danger Hiccup said he'd written to the Princess to save he suitor's life. It would give him time.That's what took him to the island of Berserk. Where he was captured and learned the history of his ancestors and dragons. The Tale of the past was fascinating, and my personal favorite part of the book. It gives us a hint of Hiccup's future, too ;)As ususal, Hiccup saves the day. But this time, it was only lucky, but pretty awesome. His Dragonese came in handy once again, too. The love a dragon once had for a human turned into such hate, was kinda sad. But we can only hope Hiccup will pull through. Can't wait to find out how the battle goes. Just wish Alvin and kin will stay out of it. :/
as always - the fam loved the adventures of hiccup and toothless
I just love this series. I'm all set to read the next volume!
Great book to be listening to before Halloween!
I really like dragons.But it was kind of sad.
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