I See London (2014)
I See London (2014)
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Wow! This was sooooo good!! This was absolutely one of those I couldn't put down and was very unexpected. I'm going to try and avoid any spoilers... Maggie is just starting college in London. She doesn't know anyone but quickly makes friends and ends up in a sort of love triangle between Hugh ad Samir. At first I thought Maggie was going to be a little too perfect and was going to be difficult to like, but the author did a great job of giving her just enough faults. I also loved that there is so much other drama going on with Maggie's other friends, its not just all about the triangle between her and the guys. This was def a fun read and not your typical 100th college drama. i loved it and already started the second one which is great so far too! Received in exchange for a review.Decent story about an American girl going to university in London. You follow her through her troubles in dealing with her rich, spoiled "ice queen" roommate, her school mates and her meeting a hot club owner. Then there is Samir, the half French, half Lebanese hottie who doesn't do the whole relationship but sure as hell can confuse a girl.You end up feeling bad for poor Maggie who's mother abandoned her as a child and her dad who's off to all points of the world for work, leaving her to be raised by her grandparents. She does a good job of keeping her life in order for the most part, except for the minor deception with Hugh.Then there were times you want to slap Maggie with her whole "what do I do?" "does he like me?" "should I call him?" crap. She was driving her friends mental.It's not too often you come across a Middle Eastern character in New Adult books so it was a nice change.Book one follows Maggie through her first year of school. When I learned that there was a sequel I quickly had to download it to see where things went after the end of this book,
Wasn't feeling this one. I'm sure it was more me than the book. May try it again later.
So that was hot.
Really high 4/5
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