Ice Forged (2013)
Ice Forged (2013)
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0316093580 (ISBN13: 9780316093583)
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DNF'ing at 79% through, just ... couldn't ... anymore. I think "disappointing" is so much worse than "bad". I loved the back-cover blurb: a fascinating and suspenseful premise. If the book had just stuck to that story, it would have been good ... It's like seeing a beautiful fabric sewn up poorly. I wanted to rip out the seams of the story and rewrite it from scratch. Sometimes clunky writing, too many "As you know, Bob" sections, the only main female character was an assassin-courtesan of no particular novelty, secondary characters that felt interchangeable, multiple rather frustrating dei ex machina ... For me, the main issue was that Connor's storyline was of zero interest or importance. Everything in it could have been summed up in a paragraph or two by him when he reached Blaine at Velant, and in the meantime there would have been infinitely more suspense as the readers, along with the colonists, wondered what was happening in Donderath. I think it would have been more narratively satisfying for the author to create a sense of forboding, of anxiety, of speculation - what's going on with the magic? with the supply ships? The reader as well as the character would have been tormented with wondering, turning pages to find out ... And then when Connor et al arrived, the explanation would have held true shock and horror. The conflict between the two parts of Blaine's identity would have been more fleshed-out and absorbing for the reader: he'd have just spent half the book fighting for his place as a colonist, fighting to help the colony survive - suddenly, his old self is called upon to return ... and is this Connor even trustworthy ... ? Ahh. What could have been. An outstanding fantasy novel, Ice Forged breaks a lot of fantasy cliches wide open: characters behave rationally in situations, never allowing an overinflated sense of self to get in the way; the war in the background is important, but not nearly as important as what comes of it. Each character has a chance to shine, while the two male leads - Blaine MacFadden and Bevin Connor - a convict and a retainer find their paths converging in the wake of disaster. Neither one behaves like typical characters in stories like this; they seek one another out, never trying to prove who is worthier of leading or attention, and their unique strengths make them interesting, relatable characters. The idea of a fantasy world where magic is taken for granted, and suddenly, violently, vanishes, leaving destruction, chaos, and, sometimes, reasonable human behavior in its wake, is a simple plot, but Gail Z Martin manages to make it something special. Highly recommended.
I lost interest halfway through....may try to finish again but much much into the future
The ending was not good, but other than that, it was a decent read.
better than i expected. Nice blend of apocalypse and fantasy
Different than my normal reading. I Like the writing.
This book was sort of anticlimactic...
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