Ice Games (2013)
Ice Games (2013)
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Jill Myles
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3.5 STARSEven though the ice skating angle didn't excite me much, I did end up liking this one almost as much as the second. I liked that both Zara and Ty were willing to accept blame about what went wrong in their careers and weren't "poor me" type people. The virgin angle was a bit eye roll worthy, but it kind of made sense with Zara.They had good chemistry and they both had a sense of humor. I especially enjoy in this series the way "reality" is not at all present when it comes to reality TV. I hate watching reality shows but I love reading about it in these books.As with the other books, it's pretty short and love happens pretty quickly, but I don't mind in this case. It was funny, sexy and a great way to spend a cold afternoon. Have been putting this one off even though I am fond of the first two in this series. The first two reality shows I really like in rl, but have never been interested enough in this one to bother, nor am I into ice skating, so am not sure if I will find the competition engaging enough. Needn't worry, wih clare on the helm, her imagination and penchant for making actions roll actually make the whole competition highly interesting.The whole plot is a lot of fun to read. I gasped and cheered together with our protagonists, and wish it goes on a little longer actually. The pace is well done as usual, no drag at all even though we are not given blow by blow account of the rounds, we do get to the more interesting stuffs that helps the romance along.I really like the h, though at first I didn't think I will, her being all mouthy, neurotic, uptight and seems bossy in the beginning. She quickly earns my respect and affection with her no nonsense attitude towards practising and her dealing with the H. She is not pushy and will sit and work things out with him. Never disparages his efforts, looks down on him or gives him a stereotypical image. The reason she can fall hard for him is exactly because she can look under the surface and see beyond his hulky fighter persona to the sweet smart guy there. I also feel happy that finally she seems to get some lucky break in the end.The H here is not really shown as well as the others in this series, though still lovable in his own way. He is pretty laid back and you can just tell he made all his efforts because he wants her to be happy. I actually like the fact that he is not the cliche tatted fighter with an edgey temper and overflowing testosterone, got so sick of that type quick. He respected her wishes, admires her talents and is not afraid of showing his gentle side to her. In a sense, they let down their hair in front of each other, you can feel how well and comfortable they are together, no pretense, and all comfy sharing their innermost secrets, humiliation and thoughts. At the end, you also get a feel of his vulnerability, that his devil may care and I am all for slam bam thank you ma'am declaration is a persona to hide his hurt to always be left on the sideline in a relationship.Up till the 80% mark, I love this one. It is full of fun and drama, main leads are building strong ties yet underneath it all, there is a strong attraction there. Unlike the others, these two actually got on well more or less from the start and there is more time to build up a credible groundwork for a strong romance. What I didn't like is how it ends. The ending is way too little and not enough said, all done with just a few words that seems off hand and nonchalant. I didn't think it did justice to how the H feels, and felt strangely cheated out of a more impassioned speech from him.I see the next one is another show I have no interest in in rl. Also suspect I know who the next H will be. With another determined to win h coming up, it should be quite interesting.
these books are good just after reading three or four seems like they are very similar..
Cute! 3.5 stars
3.5 STARS!
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