Il Dubbio (2012)
Il dubbio (2012)
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8856619237 (ISBN13: 9788856619232)
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An unlikely detective, a murder, a teacher suspected of having sex with a student, and a fire from the past shrouded in mystery. What a combination, and what a ride! This book belongs on my shelf of 'can't put it down' books. This is the first in a series by the author featuring detective Cab Bolton. To say that Bolton is not your typical detective, is an understatement. He's quirky, rich and does not play well with others. There are plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. Brian Freeman's other books will definitely be added to my to-read list. Hilary and Mark Bradley are trapped in a web of suspicion. Last year, accusations of a torrid affair with a student cost Mark his teaching job and made the young couple into outcasts in their remote island town off the Lake Michigan coast. Now another teenage girl is found dead on a deserted beach. . . and once again, Mark faces a hostile town convinced of his guilt. Hilary Bradley is determined to prove that Mark is innocent, but she’s on a lonely, dangerous quest. Even when she discovers that the murdered girl was witness to a horrific crime years earlier, the police are certain she’s throwing up a smoke screen to protect her husband. Only a quirky detective named Cab Bolton seems willing to believe Hilary’s story. Hilary and Cab soon find that people in this community are willing to kill to keep their secrets hidden—and to make sure Mark doesn’t get away with murder. And with each shocking revelation, even Hilary begins to wonder whether her husband is truly innocent.
I'm pretty meh on this one. Sort of your average thriller with a twist at the end.
I couldn't put it down!
Loved it!
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