Il Metodo Antierrore. Perché Guardiamo Senza Vedere, Osserviamo Senza Ricordare E Ci Facciamo Convincere Da Discorsi Privi Di Fondamento (2009)
Il metodo antierrore. Perché guardiamo senza vedere, osserviamo senza ricordare e ci facciamo convincere da discorsi privi di fondamento (2009)
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8854114537 (ISBN13: 9788854114531)
Newton & Compton
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I found this to be a thought-provoking look at our human weaknesses and foibles. Hallinan is engaging and informed, and does a great job of doing what he says he will do: demonstrating our hidden biases and weaknesses, with an eye to helping us realize our limitations. No, he doesn't teach how to avoid them, because to some extent they aren't mistakes that can be avoided; instead, his approach is to raise our awareness so that we can make more informed decisions. This book reminded me of Freakonomics a little bit. Really helpful in understanding the way the mind works. Most interesting chapters compared how men and women make different mistakes, and it has to do with how we raise them from the very beginning. You want to read this book with a pen and hilighter to take notes the whole way through. It's a good book club book...opens up a lot of discussions.
I just skimmed part of this book. It was interesting, but much of the material sounded familiar...
A book about how we think and make mistakes because of unconscious decisions that we make, etc.
Is it a mistake that I didn't care enough to finish it?
You'll never drive and talk on your cell again...
It's not amazing writing, but it's interesting.
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